Friday, December 9, 2011


Just thought I’d let you know that I received my PTIN confirmation from the IRS in the mail – stating, “We’ve accepted your 2012 renewal for your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).”  So I guess I am good for another year.

+ The JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTANCY has a detailed article on “Advising Clients in Same-Sex Relationships”.

+ Have you seen Prometric’s “IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer Sample Test” yet?

+ I recently did a piece at on 10 tax breaks that are scheduled to expire in 2011, concentrating on items that appear on the 1040 (not yet up).

Charles Rubin (of the RUBIN ON TAX blog) has compiled a list of 35 “Items Slated to Be Eliminated or Materially Reduced After 2011 (Not Comprehensive)” that includes many obscure business tax benefits.

+ John Ams offers some advice to “previously unenrolled” tax preparers in “The IRS Preparer Competency Exam –Now What?” in his blog at NSA MemberConnect.

+ The 2011 IRS Publication 17 (Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals) is now available to download.

+ And the IRS has issued a new Fact Sheet on “Information for U.S. Citizens or Dual Citizens Residing Outside the U.S.”.

+ MISSOURI TAX GUY Bruce McFarland discusses in detail “Mileage Tracking with BizMile Tracker”.

If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, you will need to produce the relevant documentary proof to validate the deductions being audited.

BizMile Tracker is your answer. This online program is the best mileage log assist I have seen.”

In case you are skeptical Bruce points out Bruce’s motivation in writing the post –

This post is unsolicited and I will not or have not been compensated in any way for any information I have shared here. I use this product and I believe in this product.”

FYI – I am off to Atlantic City for the annual year-end tax update workshops offered by NATP.  This year I will also be taking the association’s Taxpro Symposium classes in Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits and Beneficiary Reporting. 


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