Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Joy to the world - tax season’s here.
I’ll soon be flush with cash!
Let every client be organized,
and give me all I need, and give me all I need,
and give me all I need to prepare their returns!

My 41st tax season will officially begin tomorrow - let the deluge begin!

As is my custom, due to the demands of the filing season I will be taking my annual “tax season hiatus” from posting to THE WANDERING TAX PRO, the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG, and THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.

Between now and April 16th I will barely have time to relieve myself let alone blog! I will NOT be answering emails from non-clients, nor will I have time to respond to comments. If a comment requires a response I will do so after April 17th.

I realize that I am abandoning you at a time when you may need me the most – but I need to make a living!

I find it a bit amusing that the period of time when TWTP gets the most “hits” is during the tax filing season when I am not posting.

“Talk” to you when it is all over!


BTW – be sure to check out THE WANDERING TAX PRO tomorrow for the annual posting of my TWELVE DAYS OF TAX SEASON!


  1. Hi Robert, I love your poem above. Is it okay if I use to in my January 2013 Tax Update text? It's such a nice prayer / goal / insight! Shirley Callahan, EA

  2. SC-

    You can use my "poem" in January 2013 update as long as you give me writer's credit and mention the blog.