Friday, June 22, 2012


TAXPRO TODAY took a look at the RTRP initial competency exam that I do not want to be forced to take in “Takers of the RTRP Exam Discuss Their Experience”.

The article pointed up another reason why I do not want to take it -

Part of the test anxiety may stem from regulations at test centers. "When you go into the testing office, you're nervous. They check everything in your pockets”, said Ramon. "They don't want you to carry even a handkerchief in there," added Weinberg. Tests are given in cubicles, with regimented start and countdown times. Weinberg recalled thinking, "'What happens if this computer just slows down?' There were also more questions than I expected on IRS procedures."

Another indignity – being treated like a schoolchild.  I had heard a few stories of the ridiculous procedures for taking the test at a CPE class last year.

I am not worried about the actual test itself.  It is not a question of worrying that I will not pass.  The article explains –

Those who've already taken the 120-question test generally agree that it can be passed with proper study by those with solid tax-prep experience.

The article also indicated that I should do better on the test than most preparers (highlight is mine) –

. . . an Enrolled Agent of 19 year's tax-prep experience wrote, "The more you relied on tax software in the past for preparing returns, the harder this exam will be to pass”.

The EA went on to say -

“Don't let the open-book thing fool you. Many preparers that have taken the test tell me that you don't have time to look these answers up," this reader added, citing test questions on moving expenses, income and assets, IRAs, "a lot of things that are not being addressed regularly."

I am interested In hearing from readers who have sat for the test, as well as from those who agree there should be grandfathering.


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  1. I commented on the test in my earlier post. As noted then, I took it this past december and passed it, no problem. The only area I needed to bone up on was some of the procedures/rules associated with electronic filing.

    I have to disagree with your position on grandfathering experienced tax professionals. The testing requirement is something LONG overdue in the tax preparation field, and grandfather certain professional, while requiring others to take it, smacks of favoritism.

    Based on what you have posted these past few months, you will have NO PROBLEM passing the exam, and you already do the required CPE, so the test is little more than a nuisance to you.

    Just my humble opinion...