Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Atlanta-based RTRP David Kempe responded to my last two posts on the RTRP competency test requirement.  See the comments section of these posts (click here and here)

Thank you, David, for taking the time to comment on my RTRP exam posts and for sharing your “story” – which is indeed similar in ways to mine.

I am pleased that you have verified that I should have no problem passing the test – as I expect, despite my sincere hopes, I will have to eventually sit for it.

Let me in turn respond to David’s comments -

·   I am at the end of my career.  I hope to be able to last 9 more tax seasons so I can say I have done it for 50 years.  It appears that you are barely in the middle of your career.  If I had 25 more years in the business ahead of me I would very seriously consider using flawed and expensive tax preparation software.

·   I do not have to submit the 1040s I prepare electronically because I do not “file” the returns under the IRS definition.  All my clients sign a statement that says –

My tax return preparer Robert  Flach has informed me that he may be required to electronically file my 20-- federal individual income tax return if he files it with the IRS on my behalf.

I do not want to file my return electronically and choose to file my return on paper forms.  My preparer will not file my return with the IRS.  I will file my paper return with the IRS myself.

I was not influenced by Robert D Flach to sign this statement.”

·   I believe that the registration of previously unenrolled preparers and the issuance of a RTRP designation - NOT the initial competency test – is long overdue.

·   I certainly agree that many of our competitors are little more than data entry workers – especially those who work for the overpriced fast-food commercial preparation chains.

·   Exempting all CPAs and attorneys from having to take the test smacks of much more dangerous favoritism then grandfathering long-time preparers who have proven they have remained current via extensive annual CPE.

·   I do agree that required annual CPE is a small price to pay for “less gross incompetence in the tax field and a better, more knowledgeable field of tax professionals” – but will never change my mind about the test.

Thanks again David!


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