Wednesday, December 26, 2012


David Williams, former IRS return preparer czar, hit the nail on the head when he told the assembled NATP membership at the Austin, Texas national conference back in 2010 that, as a result of the new requirements, there was going to be a big market for federal tax CPE, suggesting tax pros should become CPE providers as a post-tax season business opportunity.

To be honest, I seriously considered doing so myself.  

A number of tax preparer “quasi-membership” organizations have sprung up during the years since the inception of the regime, most of them solely for the purpose of promoting for-profit companies’ CPE classes.  For the past several months my email in-box has been chock-a-block with CPE offerings from these and other providers.

The main reason I decided against joining the bandwagon is the fact that the existing true membership organizations, like NATP, NAEA, NSA, and NSTP, already do a great job providing CPE classes, and I could not do any better. 

My provider of choice for the past 25 years has been NATP, although I have attended excellent NSTP and CSEA conferences and seminars over the years.  I also attend the state and federal CPE offerings of the NJ chapter of NATP.  While I live in PA, most of my clients are residents of the Garden State, as I had been for almost 50 years.

I have no reason to discredit the newer providers that have sprung up, but my recommendation to those tax pros that need CPE is to first consider the offerings of NATP, NAEA, NSA, and NSTP.


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