Monday, August 19, 2013


+ The madness continues.  Jamaal Solomon talks about: “Receiving CPE Offers” in “Confessions of a Mad Tax Accountant #4”.

I, too, have noticed that many new CPE providers have sprung up, and have solicited me via email, since the IRS initiated its now hopefully defunct required RTRP regime.  And new RTRP-related membership organizations, most really thinly-veiled profit-making CPE providers also appeared.

While I have attended CPE from various providers and organizations over the years, lately I have limited my CPE to NATP and the NJ chapter, but I also recommend the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum.  Unlike JS, I do not complain about CPE emails, as I am always looking for new legitimate providers either nearby or at locations I would like to visit.

I look forward to the next installment in the Mad Tax Accountant series – “Arrogance of Some (Not All) Old Accountants (30+ years)”.

+ The always on the ball ACCOUNTING TODAY gives us the word that “IRS Postpones Shutdown of Online e-Services Apps” -

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday that it is delaying the planned retirement of its Disclosure Authorization and Electronic Account Resolution online applications for three weeks.”

+ The IRS has issued draft copies of a lot of 2013 forms and instructions recently.  Click here to check them out.

+ Diane Gilabert explores “The Section 199 Deduction – 9 True/False Questions” at her TAX MAVEN BLOG –

The section 199 deduction is one of the most overlooked tax breaks for businesses. The alphabet soup of acronyms is intimidating. But a potential tax deduction of 9% of qualifying taxable income is too compelling to pass up.”  

+ And DG also provides a detailed “Purchase Price Allocation Example” for reporting the sale of a business.


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