Monday, November 14, 2011


(1)  It has been a while since the IRS opened up online renewal of PTINs.  However, as I manually “refreshed” my PTIN last year, via Form W-12, I could not just go to the website and renew.  I was told that I would need to wait for a letter in the mail with some kind of code before I could renew online.

Guess what?  I have still not received any letter or notice from the IRS regarding PTIN renewal.  So I printed out and completed a Form W-12 to renew my PTIN for another year.  It will go in the mail, with a check, later this morning.

Who wants to bet me that the letter from the IRS will arrive in today’s mail?

(2)  Rather than print the same post on both blogs – I just want to bring your attention to today’s post at THE WANDERING PRO titled “A Discussion on Reforming the Tax Code”.

The topic concerns re-writing the Tax Code and should be of interest to tax professionals.

I welcome your comments on the discussion.


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