Tuesday, November 1, 2011



As stated above, the purpose of this site is to provide updated advice, information, and resources for tax professionals who prepare individual federal income tax returns. 

It will address individual income tax topics and issues relevant to both newcomers to the field and experienced veterans.

I hope it will also serve as a forum for discussion among professionals via the use of “comments”.

Fellow tax professionals are welcome to suggest topics and issues for discussion, and to submit information on policies, practices, and resources that they would like to share with colleagues via email to me at rdftaxpro@yahoo.com (with THE TAX PROFESSIONAL in the “subject line”).  Guest “posts” are also welcomed.

My tax practice is limited to 1040 preparation.  And so this site will also be.  I will not be discussing corporate, partnership, non-profit, estate, or trust topics or issues.  And the coverage of the site will be limited to federal tax topics and issues. 

FYI, I am a “previously unenrolled” (neither CPA nor EA) who has been preparing 1040s for individuals in all walks of life since 1972.  I write the popular tax blogs THE WANDERING TAX PRO and the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG, and I also write on tax topics for MAIN STREET.

So, again, welcome to THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.  I hope you will become a regular visitor and contributor, and that you will spread the word about this site to your colleagues in the 1040 preparation industry.


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