Friday, November 4, 2011


TAXPRO BUZZ is a regular, usually weekly on Friday, post similar to my twice-weekly (Wednesday and Saturday) WHAT’S THE BUZZ posts at THE WANDERING TAX PRO.  It provides links to, and comments on, recent blog posts, online articles, and other items I have come across during my “wanderings” on the internet.  Not much BUZZ this first time out.

+ Trish McIntire gives us an update on “RTRP Test - The Rules” at OUR TAXING TIMES. 

She apparently has seen a copy of the “Candidate Information Bulletin” that Prometic put together and gives a detailed list of what she “gleaned”.

Her reaction –

I know that Prometric is an expert at this kind of thing and all of these procedures have been developed for a reason but the rules read like High School detention.”

As I have said over at TWTP, I am not going to rush to be among the first to take the test.  I have until 2013 to pass it – and I think I will wait until Prometic has a few series of tests “under its belt” before I sign up.  In the meantime, maybe the IRS will realize the error of its ways and decide to grandfather experienced tax pros (I can dream, can’t I).

+ Here are some resources for continuing professional education -

According to the IRS - “Tax professionals can earn continuing professional education credits online through seminars filmed at the 2011 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums. The seminars are now available on the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Online (NTFO). The 14 self-study seminars provide information to tax professionals using interactive videos synchronized with slides. Each seminar includes downloadable PowerPoint slides and a transcript.” 

Playback NATP” lets you listen to the educational seminars offered at the 2010 and 2011 National Conference and the 2011 TOP Conference for free online, or pay to download a session to MP3 or Audio Point.

+ Just as fees for tax preparation vary by region, so do bookkeeping and accounting fees, as shown by CPA TRENDLINES in “Bookkeeping Billing Rates Region-by-Region”.


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