Monday, July 15, 2013


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+ PARKER PUBLISHING gives us a primer on “Tax Research Methodology”.   

+ Wonder “Where RTRPs Stand After Loving”?  ACCOUNTING TODAY addresses the question.  It does a good job of outlining the story so far – and where the fakawi.

+ TAXPRO TODAY deals with the issue of “Charging for Off-Season Work”.

+ TAX MAVEN Diane Gilabert lists “10 Section 1031 Exchange Facts You Need to Know”.

It’s been decades since I did a return with a Section 1031 exchange.  Hopefully I will never have to do one again before I retire.

+ And Diana also discusses “Material Participation: Are You Talking to Your Clients?” –

Taxpayers are losing material participation cases at an astonishing pace. The IRS is emboldened by these wins, and is aggressively auditing material participation claims.”

Diana’s blog is apparently written for tax professionals.  You may want to “subscribe”.  When you do you will receive a free “white paper” on “10 Common Errors Tax Practitioners Can Avoid”.

+ Jason Dinesen reminds us “Have an HRA? Make Sure to Pay Your “Patient-Centered Outcomes Trust Fund Fee”.    

If you, like me, reacted to the title with a “WTF?” check out the post.  FYI – it has to do with “Obamacare”.

+ And speaking of “Obamacare”, TAX MAMA Eva Rosenberg provides “A Tax Guide to Obamacare: What taxpayers and tax professionals need to know about the health law”.


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