Monday, July 22, 2013


+ Kathryn M. Morgan, EA offers a “Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing a Return for a Disabled Veteran at PARKER PUBLISHING.

+ CPA Robert Gard covers “Nine Factors That Determine Whether an Activity Is a Hobby” at the AICPA’s THE TAX ADVISOR.

+ “Tax Pros: Still Trying to Figure Out Which Social Network is Right for You?  INTAXICATION (Tax Buzz with a Twist) provides an “infographic” that “provides some great metrics on each of the social networking sites along with some thoughts on best use and drawbacks of each”.

I am a “twit”, but you will never catch me on Spacebook or My Face.  If I want to share pictures with friends and family I will send them an email.  And if I want to provide information on my business to solicit clients I will create a website for my practice.

I would be interested in hearing from tax pros about what you can do on Spacebook or My Face that you cannot do just as well on your business website.

+ EAs Jason Dinesen (DINESEN TAX TIMES) and Russ Fox (TAXABLE TALK) both discuss the “Patient-Centered Outcomes Trust Fund Fee” nonsense – and explain why it is truly the most ridiculous tax ever (and there have been a lot of ridiculous taxes over the years) and an exercise in bureaucratic futility.

+ Here is a webinar you may be interested in “attending” – “What the New Healthcare Law Means for Your Small Business”.  I learned of it via a “tweet” from @ManasaSogNadig.


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