Monday, July 29, 2013


Sorry to be late in getting this post “up”.  I was hoping for more “stuff” to include.  If you have come across any BUZZ you want to share with fellow tax pros let me know.

+ William Perez provides “IRS Update for July 26, 2013”, which lists “pages or files residing on that are new or updated from July 19 to July 25, 2013”.

William will be posting such an update every Friday.

+ The IRS’s mandatory RTRP program may be dead (hopefully for good), but the PTIN program continues.  ACCOUNTING TODAY reports “IRS Sends Warning Letters to Preparers With Old PTINs”.
The following statement still applies -

As of Jan. 1, 2011, anyone who, for compensation, prepares or helps prepare all or substantially all of any federal return or claim for refund must have a valid PTIN and use that PTIN as the identifying number on returns, the IRS noted. All PTINs must be renewed annually.”

And -

The IRS also said it is continuing efforts to identify paid preparers entering no identifying number on returns that they prepared.”

+ An email from NATP introduced me to the product described below.  Perhaps it is something you should consider purchasing.  I have not ordered or seen this book but am considering a purchase to supplement the many forms, schedules and worksheets I have developed for external and internal use in my 1040 practice (click here). 

FYI - there is a special discounted price of $75.00 for NATP members.  If you are not already a member, email me at (with “NATP Membership” in the subject line) to receive membership information. 

NATP Tax Store - Audit Proof the Tax Office - #3298

It’s becoming harder and harder to protect ourselves from ourselves. Tax professionals are under the IRS microscope and are being audited. Thousands of offices are being targeted each year.

In this manual, you will find the forms and instructions you need to audit proof your office. In addition to the paper forms, you will also receive a flash drive with over 35 forms including many PDF fill-in forms.

Price - $89. To place your order go to the Tax Store or give us a call at 800.558.3402.”


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